The following are a selection of architecture and research projects from 2013.





Designing ornament as structure through manual and algorithmic subtraction of spheres and cones to generate a cathedral of unique sacred spaces.

victoria fard.jpg


Developed in two phases, Ornamental Structure focuses on the process of algorithmic generation of the ornament and the methods of designing a religious sacred space - a Cathedral - through one singular method, Subtraction.

Circle_3 (dark).png


Completing the cycle of water in urban life with clusterings of concentric circles as public baths and pools juxtaposed to the buildings of a water treatment plant.


from Ground to Sky

Decentralizing the ritual acts of burial through the development of islands and towers to accommodate the changing cultures and practices of urban, multicultural communities.

Strips Spine_ 1_lineweights.jpg

Strips and a Spine

An urbanism project that addresses the relationships between social (live & work) and infrastructural (modes of transit: walk, bike, train etc.) in the existing urban-scape of the Allen Expressway in Toronto, Canada.


Mapping Motions

Exploring the ways spatial context and 3-dimensional objects in video games generate movement within virtual spaces, and how control mechanisms bind a players movement within the designed environment.


bar & Stage

Reimagining public works with permanent and transient structures that define and shape a community's sense of place and the activities of local space.